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"You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream"  Clive Staples Lewis  


Hi, my name is Gaetano Lucariello.

GiLuc is the shortened creative combination of my first and last name.

I am a Swiss-based commercial photographer, located near Basel. My lovely dog Charlie keeps me company during the image editing process.

The interest in photography and particularly in portraits and in creating images for commercial and advertising purposes began later in my life and very quickly developed into a deep passion.

Understanding the importance of continuous learning in the photography field I am constantly looking for ways to enhance my knowledge and experience to grow in my profession, and I love to work with people and businesses on their own development journey. 


Each project is also a learning opportunity for me, and I look forward to producing appealing images that capture the client's vision.

I strive to exceed client expectations in every aspect of my work, from the initial consultation to final delivery.


Let us turn your vision into a real image.

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